Window Into Mexico

Limited Seats Available: April 16 to 20

Take your tastebuds on a journey to Latin-American at our Chef’s Window. 
Every six weeks, we craft an exclusive tasting menu that shines a spotlight on the rich and diverse cuisine of the country in focus. Starting with the fiery taste of Mexico to the bold ceviches of Peru, the aromatic dishes of Colombia, the soulful creations of Cuba, and the sizzling steaks of Argentina. Experience the unique, authentic Latin-American flavours of each dish and interact with the chefs as they personally serve you through the window.
This April 16 to April 20, for $149 per person you can explore the unique dishes and flavours inspired by Mexico. Elevate your dining experience with our specialty cocktails available for the Window Into experience.
Join us as we explore the vibrant and diverse tastes of Latin-America, one delicious destination at a time.